Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Collins Get Cube Co-Sign...

So I joined the lovely Max on her show yesterday, because 1Xtra is celebrating 30 years of hip hop.

There was me, Sarah Love, Sincere, Dr. Benjamin Chavis, Mc Lyte, Alvin Hall and the one, the only Ice Cube talking about hip hop and politics/ beef/ entrepreneurialism and also UK hip hop and women in hip hop...

The highpoint of the two hours happened early on when Cube said something to the respect of "I agree with what she said earlier...." in relation to something I'd said about 50.


Ok, he might not have known my name, but don't watch that. Any time anyone tries to say anything to me from now on, I shall simply shrug and say 'Well, Ice Cube co-signed me, but ok...'

Listen back to the show HERE.

Shouts to Max - I owe you a tea and scones homefry!

Also I have to say it's SO DAMNED HARD doing a show. Not for me who toddles up and spouts for a bit, but for the presenters it's proper hectic. You've got beds, jingles, news, tracks, phone interviews, studio guests, sound effects... and all the while you're keeping an eye on the time, switching about tracks, listening to what people are saying. It's a seriously skilled job, so shouts to Max, Carol, Uche, Ace & Viz, Semtex, Laura, Ray, Mistajam, Target, Cameo, Twin B, Ronnie, Trevor & Jemma (oh no, what have I started, I'm worried about missing someone off now, but it's long to include everyone), AND ALL at 1X. You won't meet people who love music more, I swears it...

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The Jack of Hearts said...

That's amazing!

But, you mean we have to respect Chris Moyles now?

I'll tune in to have a listen to you and the gang Hattie. If I ever meet Ice Cube I'd HAVE to show him my dance routine to You Can Do It Too.. It's the gayest thing ever, but if he has a sense or irony? After all, he's named after a method of beverage temperature control.