Sunday, April 26, 2009

Good Morning Viiiiietnammmmmm

It's basically amazing here. Well, Ho Chi min is anyway. It's one of the most exciting, vibrant cities I've ever been too.

Crossing the road is totally terrifying, but other than that it's all jiggy.

Have so far been clubbing in Vietnamese club (they're into Jamelia, Sean Paul and Mutya! And loads of dodgy house), been to a Vietnamese wedding where we (as in my sister and her teaching crew and me) had to get up and sing a song onstage for the married couple, been on the back of a moped with three other people (ok, not big or clever), had a bunch of massage, manicures and head washing/ blow drying things, eaten, drunk, had dinner with some Vietnamese people (the blood and the fish sauce I could live without), sunbather a bit, shopped a bit, walked around a lot, checked out my sissy's school, met a bunch of her buddies and, er, had an amazing time.

The architecture here is so beautiful and there's loads of wicked places to eat. People here be sleeping on their bikes - there's SO many 'peds - eating on the road, hanging out and chilling... just people, people everywhere.

I heartily recomend this place for a visit, it's A-May-Zing....

Can't be arsed to rotate/ order pix, so top to bottom: wedding, street vendor, girl grabbing a bite on her bike, dude in shop that looks well like Hiro from Heroes, coffee Vietnamese style...

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Anonymous said...

wow..that looks amazing! Great pictures..