Saturday, June 06, 2009

Bashy Freestyle...

Massive shouts to Bashy and what he's currently acheiving. Just a year or so ago, this young man was driving a bus, even doing PA's while he earnt that 9 to 5. But from Chuppa Chups, to Black Boys, to Kidulthood, to now, Catch Me If You Can, not only has he persevered, but Bish Bash Bosh remains a truly talented MC. I love how he manages to be unique in what he has to say, and all too often, what he's spitting really needs to be heard.

He was kind enough to drop me a lil freestyle yesterday, and here it is. Thanks sir!

Check more Bashy over on his blog.

And yes, my filming, editing and logo skills are mad loose! No time to mess about though, just gotta push it up and run. The lighting's crazy cos we were filming for G-Shock, so, er, deal with it!

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