Saturday, June 06, 2009

Friday, It Was Emotional

Ok, maybe not emotional, but damn knackering!

Did six interviews for G-Shock for a short film I'm putting together for them.

First up was Sinden, then Bish Bash Bosh, Tinie Tempah, Luke GK, before we hotfooted it west to hook up with Ciara (dayum, she TALL!) who was wearing the SICKEST jacket. Cassette Playa ain't, er, playing. This isn't even out till November, but I might actually have to buy some Nike product cos this is too darn hot...

Finally met up with Melanie Fiona, who I met a couple of months back when she was supporting Mr Hudson. She seems like a really cool person and DAMN can she sing! Woi! Her and Bashy got together to do a lil summin summin for MySpace.

Will upload the interviews later....

And don't forget CATCH ME IF YOU CAN IS OUT NOW!!!!!!!

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