Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mercury Prize Nominations

So here I am at the Hospital in Covent Garden. No, not for SWINE FLU!! For the Mercury Prize nominations at the private members club thing...

Anyway, here are the albums. Some people surprised that Lily Allen and Little Boots not nominated - and I wanted Frankmusik in there!

Bat For Lashes
Florence & The Machine
Friendly Fires
Kasabian (They performed. Pretty good actually)
La Roux
Speech Debelle (The 'urban' nomination I guess. Good luck to Speech, but I'm personally not a huge fan of her music. I genuinly wish her well though, no hateration, holleration in the danceree)
The Horrors

And then these lot I ain't never heard of:
Led Bib
Lisa Hannigan (She performed. Sounded well Enya)
Sweet Billy Pilgrim
The Invisibl

According to William Hill, Florence and Kasabian are the favourites...


Hombre Uno said...

Saw the Invisible last night at Bloc Party gig. Cool stuff for sure.

femi. said...

i usually despise all that is trendy as a matter of principle, but that la roux album is quite fierce. in for the kill is my song of the moment.

i also don't get the speech debelle thing, also no hateration.