Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The September Issue: Trailer

Shouts to Holls for drawing my attention to this AMAZING looking new documentary, based on the September issue of Vogue magazine, edited by the formidable Anna Wintour.

Once, when I was a waitress at teh Groucho club, Wintour did a talk for a sort of 'ladies who lunch' type charity affair.

She was frankly terrifying. I do remember her being asked about the over-use of skinny models in publications like Vogue, and she shut the person down who asked straight away!

Don't ramp with Wintour! Legend out here...

1 comment:

Holly Howe said...

"This type looks like it's for blind people."


And she's British but manages to come across like a bit of a Valley girl.

Wowowowow - this will be GREAT!