Monday, September 28, 2009

Baby Ft. Drake & Wayne: Money To Blow

Copped this from Semtex, who asked 'who has the hottest verse on the track?'

I think we can all safely assume it's NOT Birdman...

Big look for Jay Sean popping up next to Baby....

On another note, you know how much I love Weezy, right? So I was listening to my own lil Best Of, tracks from Carter 1 & 2, mixtape tracks like Sky's The Limit, Something You Forgot, Cry Out, Pray To The Lord (I could continue...) and I really got the sense that this was a man back then with something to prove, particularly on the mixtape tracks. It really feels like that fire has gone these days. I still have the faith he'll return to greatness, but, damn, he just doesn't go in like he did '03 - '07/8....

(I couldn't be arsed to write out the lyrics, so copied from some lyrics page, only to discover they'd capitalised every word (WHY!?!?) but can't be arsed to change that either. Deal with it, innit...)

I Wrote My Will Just The Other Week/
And Whats Funny, It Was Only One Sheet/
And I Know Theres Only One Me/
But I Hope I Am Everything My Son Be/
Im Trying To Live Right, Stay On That Drum Beat/
But Im In The Fast Lane, In The Front Seat/
I Wonder Will I Loose Control Of The Mazarati And Hit Some Tree Just Being Young Me...

I've Had Breakfast, Will I Make It To Lunchtime?/
And I Ain't Joking, So Dont Be Looking For Punchlines/
Will I Be The Next Victim Of A Gun Crime/
I Dont Know The Answer, Thats Why I Brung Mine

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Anonymous said...

drought 3 mixtape is my fave:) thats sick