Monday, September 28, 2009

What Tha...

So there was a piece in the Independent yesterday about the MOBO's being held in Glasgow.

Now, we all love a good moan about the MOBO's but as someone twittered earlier, we're all lying the hardest if we said we don't want to be there. It's like our batty old aunty; we love to pick out her faults, but we'd be gutted if she wasn't there anymore. Her cooking might be off sometimes, but when she gets it right, damn it tastes gooood (am I going to far with the food metaphor here?). MOBO is the ONE TIME each year that this scene gets together for one night of celebrations - and damn does it deserves the champers this year.

The writer, Paul Bignall, with quotes from Paul McKenzie makes the point that Glasgow won't attract US artists because "Glasgow just isn't sexy and it's a very white city. Ask any American artist where Scotland is and they'd probably struggle."

I think they're missing the point; now more than ever WE DON'T NEED AMERICAN'S. Alex Burke, JLS (just interviewed them, major swoon), Chipmunk, N-Dubz, Taio, Tinchy, Bashy, Dizzee etc., etc., are more than adequate a line-up. These guys are stars - and not just 'in the hood' (© Tinchy).

To say a city is 'too white' is also disagreeable. The beautiful thing about black, British music right now is its massive mainstream appeal. White, Asian, Black, Blue, festival goers, NME readers, RWD readers, 4 Music, Flavour, AKA, Jonathan 'Mo'Fo' Ross... we're seeing our artists loved, covered and interviewed by a range of people right now.

Maybe US acts (holla Keri Hilson and Jermaine Jackson who ARE appearing) don't know where Glasgow is, but who cares. And yes, while MOBO may well have moved out of London for financial reasons, we always complain that music is too London-centric. Why shouldn't other cities share the acclaim, like the EMA's do. For an artist to get on a plane in the US and get off at London or Glasgow is hardly a big deal. The logistics make no difference.

Oh and while we're on the subject of people dissing our rappers, La Roux needs to s-out... What does she even know about Tinchy? Beyond presumptuous and ill-informed.

Read the piece in full HERE


Ondo Lady said...

Yeah you are right, Mr Bignell is totally missing the point. The UK do have their own list of celebs who will be there but more importantly, Glasgow may be a 'white' city but I doubt if you will be hard pressed to find lovers of hip hop or R&B. Also what Mr Bignell fails to point out is that Glasgow is very hip now and quite funky. Just the sort of place you need to host an international awards show.

Ms A said...

Whoever thinks having it in Glasgow is a problem they are old school and need to broaden their horizons. London is not the only 'buzzing' place in the UK!

Lastly, who cares about the US artists??