Saturday, October 10, 2009

Beats By Dre

Do you know how I roll?

DO YOU?!?!?

Managed to get my mitts on these properly amazing Monster Headphones, Beats By Dre, type thing.

Opening the packaging is hot enough (like a drawer that opens and lined in red; then you get to the goodies, and the phones come with two different coloured leads (red and black), a solid-ass case to keep them in and a mic attached so you can talk on your phone if you're playing them on your iPhone.

Ok, that's all good - but the sound?!



People, these are truly a thing of beauty. Admittedly, £280 is steep, but if you're a music lover that enjoys, nay, NEEDS, superior sound quality, sleek design and 'the in ting' then I got to say, cop these.

The other in-ear version are cheaper but don't come with quite as much bass. They are made of a mad material which means they don't get all twisted up which, for me the messiest mo'fo in the world, is such a blessing.

This is absolutely my blag of the week. Maybe even month...

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