Saturday, January 30, 2010

LA: You So Crazy

LA, even by LA standards, has been somehat insane so far.

Arrived Thursday and went to's party with the Peas, Kelis (yep, in THAT flesh coloured bodysuit), Diplo, Knaan and, um Matthew McConaughey.


Then yesterday I interview Natalia Kills, who some maybe remember as Verbalicious. Now signed to Interscope and Will's label, this girl is off the chizzain! She and her fiancee directed, edited, wrote and produced this video for like, 50p. Ish. This girl is going to be MASSIVE! Like, huge. We went for dinner after, but I had to leave before the steak arrived cos I had to go interview Timbaland. I love Tim, but damn, I love steak too.

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