Saturday, January 30, 2010

Timbaland: House Of Blues, LA

So, after we went for dinner with Natalia, I went to see Timbaland at the House of Blues.

I can't go deep into it now, I'll let the pictures do the talking.


Drake, Game, Keri, Bran-Nu (BRANDY!) and some guy called Justin Timberlake all came out to play with Tim. Jessica Biel in fact was sat in front of me. Literally. The worst part is that Jo Jo and LIL KIM - LIL KIM!!!!!!!! - were supposed to play too, but there was a fight or something, so they didn't come on.


Can't be arsed to rotate the images, you'll have to turn your head or flip your computer or something.

Anyway, after the show, I went to Tim's hotel to do the interview (like, 2am bizznizz) and who's in the lobby, hanging out, drnking Cristal and having a lil sing song at the piano? Jamie Foxx. Literally. Tank on the piano, Jamie on the mic, Fantasia watching.

Just. Ridik.

The whole thing.

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Anonymous said...

Check out this HD vid we did of Timbaland and JT from the show - !