Friday, December 03, 2010

The Bullitts: Close Your Eyes

starring JAY ELECTRONICA & LUCY LIU from href="">THE BULLITTS on href="">Vimeo.

Urgh I LOVE this tune. Featuring the vocals of the man behind the Bullitts (he's worked with Estelle, Hov, Passion Pit etc etc.,), the voiceover of Lucy Liu and the rhymes of Jay Electronica, this isn't the sort of record you stumble across every day.

Watch for the album dropping next year. I've heard some of it and it's sooooooooo soooooooo good, there's all kinda crazy guests on there from Tori Amos to Mos Def.

Before that, check out the likes of Passion Pit, Kano, Roisin Murphy and Lupe Fiasco, over a series of ‘FlixTapes’ via their website. Their unique take on the mixtape, the FlixTape combines a visual and audio element; with some of the world’s most exciting artists lending their talents to reinvent classic TV theme tunes and film soundtracks.

Doing things different? Hell yah.

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